SSN Convention

SSN Convention

Affiliated with the National Health System

Il Centro Analisi Cliniche Vitale is accredited by the National Health System in line with DA n. 890 of 17/06/2002 with publication of GURS (pI) n° 59 of 21/12/2007 Ordinary Supplement n° 2.

By choice of the citizen so any laboratory test can be run in SSN Convention or privately, in private practice regime, without the need of a prescription.

Requirements of demanding

Our laboratory carries out the tests under the agreement with the National Health Service, therefore the challenging must meet the requirements listed below. Also, you can make in the laboratory without challenging the medical examinations or claim for service white sheet, but the cost of the examinations is the total responsibility of the patient.

Personal Details

Full name, age, patient's social security number, ASP of belonging.


Any right to exemption from payment of for pathology tests, pregnancy, or other income.


The performances required for each binding can not exceed the number of eight tests.

Conventions private

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Statement and insights

Information about the new rules for the exemption from the ticket held by the Department of Health to Sicily Region Ticket for specialist outpatient services

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Centro Analisi Cliniche Vitale S.r.l. ha nominato quale DPO (Data Protection Officer) il Sig. Giuffrida Domenico, che puo' essere contattato al seguente indirizzo email:

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