Niche Sectors

Niche Sectors

The Centre Clinical Analysis Vitale is a clinical and hormonal assays testing laboratory with specialized areas of biochemical-clinical and toxicology, microbiology and Seroimmunology. Below all the areas covered by Centro Analisi Cliniche.

  • Clinical chemistry analysis

    Study of the biochemical changes of the human body pathological nature.

  • Immunoassay

    Techniques that use a reaction to determine the concentration of a given analyte.

  • Immunofluorescence

    Detection of specific antigens present in the tissue or cells to be tested.

  • Hematology and Coagulation

    Study of physiology and pathology of the blood and organs that produce it.

  • hemoglobins with HPLC

    Detection of the presence and the entity & agrave; of any pathological hemoglobins.

  • Tumor markers

    Detection of a tumor through the dosage of specific substances in the blood.

  • Microbiology

    Study of infectious diseases from pathogens.

  • Seroimmunology

    Analysis and confirmation of diseases seroimmunological test.

  • Toxicology

    Study the symptoms of poisoning by drugs, poisons or medicines.

  • Allergy

    Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies and immune disorders.

  • Dosage drugs of abuse

    Revelation of one or more substances legal and / or illegal urine or blood.

  • Hormone assays

    blood collection for the study of alterations in the function of the ovaries.

  • Dosage drugs

    Personalizazione of a dosage to maintain the concentrations of a drug within a certain range.

  • HIV Test

    the blood sample for the determination of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Food intolerance

    test to identify food proteins against which the body has adverse reactions.

  • Occupational medicine

    Withdraw aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers.

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Centro Analisi Cliniche Vitale S.r.l. ha nominato quale DPO (Data Protection Officer) il Sig. Giuffrida Domenico, che puo' essere contattato al seguente indirizzo email:

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