Preparing for analysis

Preparing to levy

Correct patient behavior before a blood sample is a significant contributor to the accuracy of the diagnostic procedure. Conversely, failure to observe a few simple rules of conduct can alter, even significantly, the blood parameters that are to be analyzed. We see then they list a number of general rules for optimal exam preparation.

  • Practical practices and advice

    Importance of fasting

    The blood sample is usually run in the early hours of the morning as for some exams, you need a 8/12 hour fast. We must therefore not assume anything in the morning, if not a gulp of water, of course not sugar, because it might make you suspect mistakenly pre-diabetes.

Avoid assumptions

In order not to distort the outcome of some tests, it is good not to have taken the night before and in the case of drug therapy alert operators of room withdrawals.

Attesa in sala e convocazione

Below is a list of useful suggestions from their arrival in the waiting room until the meeting for the withdrawal. Furthermore is made explicit the practice to be followed for issuing reports.

  • Waiting in the hall

    Get booking coupon

    Upon arrival at the laboratory withdraw the reservation number for the shift in the waiting room. Wait with the medical application and an identity document in hand, that one of our staff at the counter accepting invitations to communicate personal data and the surveys prescribed by a doctor.

  • Call for withdrawal

    Cutting the withdrawal Releasing reports

    At the end of these operations, will be given a coupon that will have is to be returned in acceptance at the time of picking up results. Once this phase, our invite operators to wait until one of Sanitation convene the user for withdrawal or for the delivery of biological samples.

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