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Useful links

Correct patient behavior before a blood sample is a significant contributor to the accuracy of the diagnostic procedure. Conversely, failure to observe a few simple rules of conduct can alter, even significantly, the blood parameters that are to be analyzed. We see then they list a number of general rules for optimal exam preparation.

  • Costruire Salute

    A site that shows the Health in Sicily and services such as reservation center, vaccinations, home care, medical, Sert.

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  • Lab Tests Online

    The online public library of clinical laboratory tests realized on paper by health professionals who perform these tests.

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  • In Vitro Veritas

    Diagnostics in vitro. What is IVD? The set of all the analyzes of several organic samples such as blood, tissues, urine and feces.

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  • Ministero della Salute

    The Ministry of Health promotes and protects health as a fundamental right and interest of the community.

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  • Regione Sicilia

    Service thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Regional Ministry of Health, Regional Medical Association and See.

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  • Asp Caltanissetta

    The Health Authority institutional site of Caltanissetta Provincial, organs, deeds and documents.

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  • Sistema TS

    Project Health Card, a monitoring system of health spending face to know and govern the resources in health care costs.

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  • ISS Istituto Superiore della Sanità

    Technical-scientific body of the National Health Service, which performs functions of research, experimentation, testing, counseling, and training in the field of public health.

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  • Quaderni della Salute

    Through its publications, the Ministry of Health wants to inform and update all citizens in terms of health care and health.

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